Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Celebrate Autumn

Hello all,

Celebrate Autumn. Oh, how I wish I could! Summer's end is rearing its ugly head as it is granting those of us in the South Bay 96-degree weather! Woot.  :)

I used this last Labor Day weekend to make some cards. One, of which, I'm quite proud!

Click image for larger version.
Can you dig that background?! How cool is that! :) I made it with a die of all things! It was like piecing a puzzle together, and it took some time, but surprisingly therapeutic.  ;)

Here's a look at the background without the sentiment:

Click image for larger version.

Do you like the three color-coordinated bottles in the background? Yeah, I planned that ------NOT! I just happened to have them and realized that they match the paper I chose. :)

Here is the die (purchased at

Click here to see the page.

You're welcome.  :)

Ok, a bit of explanation. I had to use the die FOUR (4) times. One for the background/frame (black). I then cut it three more times - once for each color of the patterned paper.

Tip: Make sure you keep the pieces separate from each other. You'll thank me later.  ;)

What's really great about this - you'll have enough "pieces" to make THREE cards. They'll each look differently, of course. :)

I like that the black frame is cardstock and the pieces are regular paper. It gives the black a "raised" feel...almost like stained glass - my next project!

Thanks very much for checking this out.